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Free, WEEE compliant, computer equipment recycling and disposal for schools, colleges and business

About IT Collections Ltd

When recycling Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) it is essential that you use a company that holds the appropriate certification for your recycling needs.

free ITC recycling and disposal in the uk

Not only does this ensure that your IT waste is dealt with in an appropriate, secure and environmentally friendly manner but also ensures that computer equipment does not contribute to pollution and data security issues.

For your total piece of mind and to fulfil our operational obligations:

  1. We are registered with the Environmental Agency as both a Carrier and Broker of Controlled Waste (check
  2. We have been inspected by the Environmental Agency and issued with a Environment Agency T11 Permit for Recycling.
  3. We are a Designated Collection Facility for the recycling of Computer equipment and hold a data protection certificate.
  4. We are registered with the data protection office and ensure that hard drives are destroyed using our GDPR approved crushing machine.

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Where Are We?

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Once you no longer require the ICT equipment, we will ensure that all data has been securely removed, to the point where it can no longer be recovered.

About IT Collections Ltd, Derby

IT Collections was established over 15 years ago, we specialise in computer equipment recycling and electrical office equipment re-use and recycling.

Having clients throughout the UK,we are a midlands based company. We are registered with the environment agency as a carrier and broker of waste and hold a EA Site permit for the removal and recycling of WEEE designated waste.

Other registrations include status as a designated collection facility and we are registered with the Information Commissioners Officer in relation to Data Protection.

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